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Do you have questions about your keys and locks? We provide the best, simple answers. If you want to know more about lock problems, gather information about ways to secure your home and deal with key issues, you will find the following answers helpful.

What should I do? I am locked out of my home in the middle of the night?

No need to fret! According to the experts at Locksmith Newhall, service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency services are also provided because it is inevitable that accidents can really happen anytime. It is advised to contact our technicians for more information.

What is "impressioning"?

Impressioning is the technique used by professional locksmiths to keep from damaging the lock or taking it apart. A blank key is inserted to the lock and the locksmith will turn it to bind the pins in the lock. This would cause the pins to leave marks on the blank key. When the blank is removed, the marks left are filed to make a duplicate key. This is recommended when one is working with a complicated and expensive lock.

Why do we have a master key system in my building?

Master key systems are perfect for big buildings. The superintendent usually keeps the master key in order to let the repairmen in or for emergencies and the tenants/homeowners have their own change key, which opens the door locks of their apartment. It's a convenient way to ensure that the building is supervised properly.

Where should I place the lock block edge?

This should be placed inside rather than on the outside. As a rule of thumb select the lock side as opposed to the hinge side unless there are specific alternatives in the owner’s manual. Check alignment at this time for better functionality.

Are new locks expensive?

Not always, but in general, better quality locks contain stronger materials and are made to higher quality standards, so they tend to be somewhat higher priced than lower quality locks. Our locks and keys are high quality and offer better security than the locks and keys you will find in department and most hardware stores. Locks and keys are our business, and we pride ourselves in offering you the best quality locks possible for the most affordable price.

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